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About Us idreesshareef.com

Assalam Aliakum,

This website provides you all information about health, news, places, technology, education, sports and many more. This website provide you content unique. This help you collect information about every  things. The content which you  are looking for is provided here.

Why we make this website:

We made this website because most of people like ready content. This is easier to digest. We listen audios, watch videos but at the stage they start making you boor! But the content ready is good because it take less time than watching the videos. For example you are search for something and eventually you found this content and also a video with same information. Let’s suppose this article contain 200 words it take hardly 2 mins. But you will get the video of almost 10 mins with  same information. So through  this article you save 7 mins that awesome. And you also know time neither wait  for anyone nor come back for any one.


About Admin:

I  am Idrees Sharef a web developer and SEO expert. I am doing this for a year ago. I love searching about the new thing. He is the passionate of computer studies and also blogging.

About team:

There are three persons in out team. We are very dear to each other. We started doing this because we wanted to share information with you and also provide you our experience which will help in any affairs.

Contact Us:

You can contact us through [email protected] or you can visit contact us Page