best themes for android of 2019

Top 10 best themes for android for 2019


Top 10 best themes for android: Hello there, First of all, thanks for landing on this page. When you buy a smartphone first thing you wanna do is to customize the interface of mobile. You can do so by installing themes on your phone or also by manual customization of your phone. Android the most effective ways to change the interface of your smartphone through wallpaper, widgets, Icons and using screens. And most of the people are searching for which thing is best for your android.

Because themes make your phone presentable. Everyone there wanna give good expression through his phone and theme play important role in doing so. If you are looking for which theme is best or which you need to use on your android phone then we might say you are in right place. Because we provided you the list of top 10 best themes for android for all time. Without wasting time let’s head into the article.

Top 10 best themes for android for all Time

1). Stylish cool OS 10 theme:

Everyone out there wanted to make his android phone look like iPhone. Because iPhones look awesome. But these phones are more expensive than other phones. But now through this android theme, you can actually can your display into iPhone display.

This launcher provides you IOS 10 display that looks awesome. iPhones are the best phones right now on the market but these cost you more money than other that’s why peoples don’t buy iPhone. It’s pretty cool that you can now have the interface like iPhone on your android.

2). Fast Theme:

This is another amazing theme. The good thing about this theme is that it provides you with special designs during the festive period like Christmas. That looks awesome you can get the amazing look at festive period everyone wants this feature.

There also designs of sports which most of the people like on their phone. This theme provides the feature of live wallpaper which is awesome.

3). Gold Luxury Delux Theme:

This is the theme with 3D effects, 3D weathers, icons packs, and also Gold Luxury wallpapers. This theme provides you the feature of cleaning junks which help you increase the speed of your phone. Everyone wanna make their phone super fast and junk keeps its important role in making your phone slower.

This provides the unique and beautiful look of your phone. It also helps you to personalize your lock screen. Which make a good expression.


4). Red Sparkle Glitter:

This theme decorates your phone screen and makes it shining with stars, sparkle, and diamonds. It also provides you with 3D effects, 3D weathers, Icon packs, and also lots of sparkle wallpapers. This is supported by all kind of phones. It provides you the high-quality wallpaper handpicked for your phone.

This is mainly supported by Samsung and will help you give a good look at your Samsung phones. The cool thing about this theme is this updates its wallpapers on daily basis.

5). Love theme free for Android:

This is a very cute theme and launcher for Android a love bird theme is better than love heart launcher theme. If you want love in air android theme than try one of the most beautiful purple themes for android. It is one of the best theme version with great graphics. It provides you the icon packs and most beautiful love bird theme.


If you want the instant cute look on your phone then this theme is on your phone. And they don’t get your personal data which is again an awesome thing because you use lots of personal data like photos and messages. This theme doesn’t affect your data.

6). Skeleton Hola Launcher Theme:

For treasure and freedom young pirates are willing to give their lives, even to death but the real glory. Passion and adventure will light up with their lives. We watch lots of movies in which pirates are present. We like their styles and many more.

We know pirates mostly use Skeletons on their flags and other things. That’s why the name of the theme is Skeleton Hola. You just need to install the hola launcher and then use it and enjoy. Hoping to enjoy this theme.

7). Magic Launcher Theme:

If you want to give your phone a magical look than this theme is for you. This theme will definitely change the look of your phone with mysterious design, icons, and wallpapers. If you are using the phone with edges then this is the best theme for you.

It provides to dark look for your phone. You know what dark color means it protects your eyes from blue rays that sound amazing. This theme also provides you with mystical backgrounds and Icons.

8). Lion Go Launcher Theme:

As you know the lion is the king of the jungle. But theme provides all design like games. We play many games and like their interface why not make your phone look like exact games. If you wanna do so then this theme is for you.

When we play games we like their graphic and many more. This theme will make your phone exact look game with its amazing wallpapers and icons.

9).  3D blue fire ICE wolf launcher Theme:

This is the cool theme with fire lighting. When we go on outing and light up the fire. This fire looks very awesome. This theme provides for exact lighting. This contains wallpaper of wolf with fire and amazing icons and also high-definition of effects of fire which make it for awesome.

It also helps you to decorate the home screen of your phone.Lock screen gives a good impact. Even we use someone else phone we first check it lock screen. If this looks good then this phone is also good in our view. What do you think about this? Comment Below!

This theme also provides the feature of daily updates of wallpaper and also live wallpaper. Everyone wanna use the best wallpaper for their phones. Live wallpapers give more impact than other wallpapers.

10). Black Technology Theme:

This theme contains black technology wallpapers, delicate apps icons, 3D effects, 3D weather and many more. This theme provides you with the visual experience. Everyone wants visual experience.

Even nowadays programming is also visual. This theme also provides you the feature of live wallpapers. The amazing thing about this theme is it provides the smart screen locker. Means it is more secure for your android phone.

They also provide you the festive designs like Merry Christmas. These festive designs are also called holidays designs.


So we finally you now know which themes are the best choice for your android phones. These are the best ever theme using right now and give great expression.

We might say you really enjoyed the collection of “top 10 best themes for all time“. If so, then don’t forget to appreciate our effort by sharing this article with others.

If you have any feedback, question or suggestion then feel free and comment below.

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