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Zong Internet Packages | Zong net Packages with codes: First of all thanks for visiting this article. If you are looking for the best Zong internet packages, Zong net packages of daily, weekly, monthly 3G and 4G, then we might say you are at the right place we have provided the list of the latest packages for zone users.

We know that Zong is one of the best internet providers for mobile users.  It provides 3G and 4G internet with amazing fast speed. Now in this article, we have provided all Zong internet packages. Zong net packages are limited packages with high-speed internet. If you try Zong internet at once you will be a fan of Zong internet.

Zong Internet Packages | Zong net Packages with codes

Zong internet packages
Zong Internet Packages

Daily Packages:

Here is the list of the daily “Zong internet packages”.  Zong net package daily bundle. Zong daily packages are the well-known packages of these days.  zong provides high-speed internet, but it also provides fewer data.


That is the bad thing about these packages. If you need the internet for less time than you can go with these, you cannot enjoy the internet using these packages.

Daily basicRs. 15100 MB1 dayClick Here
Daily Data MaxRs. 35500 MB1 dayClick Here
Day Time  OfferRs. 161200 MB4 am to 7 pmClick Here
Night Time OfferRs. 14.52.5 GB1 am to 9 amClick Here

Weekly Packages:

Here is the list of the weekly “Zong internet packages”.  Zong net package weekly bundle. 

These are also famous packages of Zong. Many people use these packages, which is the cause of the increase in the price of these packages. But the speed also increased.

If you want the best deal by Zong, then you need to go with these weekly packages. You can subscribe these packages using the subscribe code in your phone

Super WeeklyRs. 1202.5 GB1 dayClick Here
Super Weekly MaxRs. 2005 GB1 dayClick Here
Super Weekly PlusRs. 15610 GB [5 GB is available between 4 AM to 4 PM]4 am to 7 pmClick Here

Monthly Packages:

Here is the list of the monthly “Zong internet packages”.  Zong net package Monthly bundle. The monthly packages of the Zong are good. But these provide the data for the month,

But even this is liked by many peoples. You can subscribe to these packages using the subscribe code on your phone. I also provide fewer data. This might not be enough data for the month.

Monthly Basic 500Rs. 150500 MB30 dayClick Here
Monthly Mini 150Rs. 50150 MB30 dayClick Here
Monthly Premium 3 GBRs. 3003 GB30 dayClick Here
Monthly Premium 12 GBRs. 71712GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily30 dayClick Here

Data packages:

Here is the list of the data or content “Zong internet packages”.  Zong net package data or content bundle. If you like to use social media than you might go with these packages.

You can also access a few websites. It can not allow you to use the whole internet. That tells us this for the users who only use social media.

Social PackRs. 10100 MB1 dayClick Here
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs. 550 MB1 dayClick Here
Facebook DailyRs. 550 MB1 dayClick Here

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe “Zong internet packages” you need to enter *6464# on your phone number pad. These Zong net packages can subscribe to these packages by visiting their website. Click Here.

Data Usage Checker:

To check your Zong data you need to type the code below. This may charge you a few pennies, but it can help to get knowledge about how much data is present in your sim.

  • *102*1#
  • Charges 10 Paisa per inquiry

Default Usage Rate:

You might be wondering what will happen if you don’t use any internet bundle. If you don’t, you will automatically charged money on using the internet. These charges and when charges occur are given below.

  • If you use the internet without subscribing to any Zong internet package, you will be charged Rs.  4/1 MB.
  • Minimum charges for using the internet without subscribing to any Zong net package are at using 1 MB.

Zong internet FAQs:

Q.1: How can I check my Zong Internet package?
. To check your Zong internet package you need to dial 1021#. After this, you will receive an SMS. In this SMS you will get the data(means how many MBs) are present in your sim.

Q.2: How can I subscribe Zong monthly Internet package?
. You can directly go to the table of Zong monthly packages. And choose the one you want to subscribe to.

Q.3: How can I activate Zong Super weekly offer?
. You can dial *6464#.

Q.4: How check the remaining MBs Zong WhatsApp?
. By dialing 1021#

Q.5: How can I subscribe Zong Internet SIM package?
. You can dial *6464#.

Q.6: How can I use the WhatsApp package in Zong?
Ans. You need to dial *247#. And enjoy using all the features of WhatsApp.

Q.7: How can I get free MB on Zong?
. You can download my Zong app to get free MBs.

Q.8: How can I check Zong all in one package?
. You need to dial *6464#. After this type 4. And here they all the packages of Zong.

Q.9: What is the Zong combo pack?
. It gives you 300 MBs data for 15 days in 200Rs.

Q.10: What is the Zong MBB number?
. In the broadband devices of Zong, there is spacial data-packed only in sim card with the device. This SIM is called MBB number.

Q.11: How can I unsubscribe Zong daily WhatsApp package?
Ans. Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘sub to 700 and you do

Q.12: How can I subscribe to Zong monthly Facebook?
You can use free all the features of facebook on the Zong internet in Rs. 70/monthly. You need to dial #250#.

Q.13: How can I subscribe Zong 4g package?
. All the packages above are 4G packages.

Q.14: How to activate Zong 4g?
You need to send ‘all’ to 21661. After that, you will receive a Zong internet setting with PIN 1234. Install it. Now you have done it.

Q.15: How can I subscribe to Zong Super weekly?
You need to visit their website.

Q.16: How can I unsubscribe the Zong weekly plus Internet package?
To subscribe you need to dial 202#.

Q.17: Is facebook free on Zong?
. Yes, Zong gives you free Facebook data but with limitation of features.

Q.18: How I can get a loan in Zong?
. You need to dial *911# to get a loan in Zong. Or send “Rescue” to 911.

Q.19: How do you check my Zong Sim is 4g or not?
. You need to dial *46#.

Q.20: How can I subscribe Zong monthly WhatsApp package?
Ans. Dial *247# to use all the features of WhatsApp on Zong.


So, these are the Zong Internet Packages. These ZONG net packages are the ZONG 4G internet Packages. If you liked these net packages, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and other loving.

Or, if you have any questions, feedback or any query feel free to comment below. Once again thanks for visiting this page. Allah Hafiz.

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